Student Council

Good afternoon Longley Way students and staff members. This week/month Longley Way staff and student council is putting together an awesome activity for Hour Of Code. If you didn’t know, Hour Of Code is an amazing website You can make your own Flappy Bird, play a Minecraft coding game, etc. Upper grades like 4th and 5th grade, would be able to participate to this activity during Wednesday and Thursday lunch in room 16 with teachers Ms. Dickson and Mrs. Burch. The primary grades will be able to participate this Hour Of Code activities in room 10 with Mrs. Acker and Mrs. Burch. You should really participate in Hour Of Code. It’s not just any normal website. If you do this, you can maybe make another version of your favorite game.

Later on, there will be an Energy Awareness assembly on December 18. Remember the phrase, Last Out Lights Off! There is a little card next to your door. Another thing we are doing in student council is the Snowman Contest. Your class should really make your snowman very large and fat. You should donate a couple dollars to make your snowman poster look like a winter wonderland.
One other activity Longley Way school is doing is Noon Games. Noon Games is an optional sports activity. This fall, the sport Longley Way is play
Image result for kickball cliparting is kick ball. There are 10 different teams in this league. These teams each have a captain and a Co-captain. The 10 teams are Little Big Assassins, Mockingjays, Daredevils, Chicken Poppies, Deadly Sumo Dragons, Terminators, Cereal Killers, Bullets, LA Dodgers, and The Illuminates.
Lastly, Here at Longley Way we encourage you and your kid to be a good sport. Being a good sport is very important. You have to be very careful with how you act, but the slightest movement can make someone very sad and there may be consequences.
Lastly, student council is selling Christmas grams. Christmas grams are 25 cents. They are sold in the MPR in the morning and at lunch. It is a little paper that you write to your best friends. These papers will be sold from Wednesday December 9, 2015- Monday 14, 2015. This card will be given to your BFF, on Friday 18, 2015. These papers come with a delicious candy cane.
         -Kyle Soriano (4th Grade- Student Council VP)