What is Scrip?
Scrip is just like buying gift cards or gift certificates. When you purchase a gift card through our Scrip program, the participating retailers will rebate a certain percentage back to our non­profit Arcadia Educational Foundation (AEF). AEF will then allocate those funds back to Longley Way.


Scrip Program offers a wide variety of gift cards to local popular supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants and department stores.


Through Scrip, you could help Longley Way raise much needed funds without additional cost to you. The funds generated through Scrip sales directly benefit our children.
 How do I order Scrip?
 It is very easy to order Scrip.

Fill out an order form (link below), write a check to AEF, and drop both off at the school office.


Within just a few days, you will receive an email or text notifying you that your order has been filled. Then, you simply stop by the office to pick up your gift cards.

Here are some examples of Scrip funds being used at Longley Way:

  • Kindergarten/Special Education playground equipment
  • Mice for Chromebooks in Kindergarten & TK
  • Class set of books for 5th grade

Scrip Coordinator

Should you have any questions, please contact the Scrip coordinator:
Thank you for supporting Longley Way!