Student Council

Student Council News - January 2018

Longley Way Elementary has a lot of news going on this year. During our school Penny Wars, we raised more than $1300 for Royalwood Elementary School in Houston, Texas. This school has been hit by a hurricane called Hurricane Harvey. Student Council decided to do a fundraiser for Royalwood School because we thought they would need money to buy more school supplies.

Second, our College T-shirt days are fun! Since last year, students at Longley Way have been encouraged to wear a college t-shirt every Wednesday to represent a college of interest. Now we’ve made it a competition.  Every Wednesday, each classroom will be checked to see how many students are wearing college t-shirts.  A percentage will be calculated, and the class with the highest participation will win a trophy ~ a happy, musical Lion.  Mrs. Blank’s class won a lion trophy for the highest percentage of participants wearing a college t-shirt on Jan. 10.  They had 100% participation.

Third, our Longley Way Fall Noon games program has just concluded.  The Noon Games are supported by Mrs. Burch, Mrs. Wearp, and Miss Morton. Thank you all for participating in our Noon games! The sportsmanship awards will be announced at our Student Council assembly. It’s coming up.

Also, we have a Snowman Contest. We will have it on Jan. 29-Feb.2. Each classroom will get a  snowman poster and some cotton balls. Students will have to buy a cotton ball for $1 to put on their snowman. On Feb.2, Student Council will go to each class to count the cotton balls. Whoever has the most cotton balls will win a certificate and a prize for the whole class.

Last but not least, Kindness Week. It’s on Feb. 12-16. We will be doing RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). We will also be doing a postcard exchange. Students will be paired with other students from their grade and write what they like about them. Thank you! And have a good day!

Camille Soriano, Student Council Secretary