Principal's Message

Longley Way Lions
2019-20 School Year


Welcome to Longley Way Elementary!


At Longley Way Everyone Matters, Everyone Has a Voice, Everyone Can Be a Leader.  We believe each of our students is a unique individual and valuable member of our community.  We strive to give our students a voice in their learning and empower them to be goal driven, self-reflective, and proactive in their schooling.  We also believe that each of our students has the potential to be an outstanding leader in all they do both at school and home. This is the foundation of what makes Longley Way such an amazing place to be.  We care greatly for our students and want them to grow into becoming expert learners during their time in AUSD.


If you are new to Longley Way, welcome!  We encourage you to get involved in our PTA and seek ways, big or small, to volunteer for our school.  A little volunteer time and PTA support goes a long way. If you already call Longley Way home, thank you for your ongoing support of our teachers, staff, and most importantly, your child.  Your encouragement and engagement in our school is critical to our success and we value your efforts.

As you navigate this website, be sure to check out our school and district calendars along with the parent tab which has our student handbook, PTA information/website, and other helpful information.

We look forward to seeing you at Longley Way!


Travis Long

If you would like additional information about Longley Way, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 626-821-8357.

Travis Long