Dress Code

The school is responsible for seeing that student attire does not interfere with the health or safety of any student, that student attire does not contribute to a hostile or intimidating atmosphere for any student, and that dress code implementation does not reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression of any group based on race, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, cultural observance, household income, or body type/size.
Longley Way does not have a formal uniform policy. Dress code expectations can be found below.
1. All clothing should offer free range of motion while not exposing undergarments or private body parts at all times. All tops must have straps. See-through tops and midriffs are prohibited.
2. Swimwear and full-length pajamas are inappropriate attire and are prohibited on campus.
3. Shoes must have a closed toe and heel, appropriate for physical activity. Flip flop style footwear is prohibited unless approved by administration for special events.
4. Hats may be worn for sun protection or warmth. Beanie or knit caps are also permissible. Hats may be requested to be removed in classrooms based on classroom rules or staff requests.
5. Clothing, jewelry, and personal items shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia which is vulgar, lewd, obscene, profane, or sexually suggestive or which promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or other illegal activity.
6. Special event dress codes may have additional expectations. These expectations will be communicated by the school prior to the event date.
The dress code shall be modified as appropriate to accommodate a student's religious or cultural observance, health condition, or other circumstances deemed necessary by the principal or designee. In addition, the principal or designee may impose dress requirements to accommodate the needs of special school activities, physical education classes, athletic activities, and other extracurricular and cocurricular activities.